HGSS Norrice Lea Synagogue
SUNDAY 17 NOVEMBER 2019 - 7:30PM

University Jewish Chaplaincy

UJC Our chaplains and chaplaincy couples are there for Jewish students of all backgrounds and affiliations. They provide a warm, vibrant, inclusive and inspiring Jewish environment with thousands of students benefiting every year from their pastoral, spiritual and practical support. Our goal is to give Jewish students – wherever they may be – access to a UJC chaplain.

Chaplains work to inspire students to own their Judaism and to empower them to make it a meaningful part of their lives as they move into adulthood. They are also on hand to offer support during challenging times as students adapt to life away from home for the first time.

The inspiration they provide stays with students during their in at university and long after. The life-skills learnt on campus, often with the input of our chaplains, shape Jewish lives, Jewish homes and ultimately Jewish futures.

We carefully recruit our chaplains and chaplaincy couples from across the UK, Israel and America. Highly trained in informal Jewish education and pastoral care, they are dedicated and passionate about engaging students in Jewish life on campus.

Learn more about our chaplains here.

University Jewish Chaplaincy is under the auspices of the Chief Rabbi. It was founded in the late 1960s with the involvement of former Chief Rabbis Immanuel Jakobovits and Jonathan Sacks. With more Jews attending university, they recognised the need for a rabbi on campus to represent and support Jewish students.

Five decades later, UJC is flourishing and continuing to grow.